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Jesus' Everlasting Sacrifice
It is encouraging to realize that when Jesus died on the cross, that He did so not only for our past and present sins, but for our future sins as well...
Against Hope
  Do you have the weight of an impossible situation in your life? Do you have a vision that is all but snuffed out? Let go of the impossibilities of your own eyes and receive the grace to trust God for His possibilities...
God Works It In us
Many times in our Christian walk we lose site of the fact that the work that God asks of us, He also works into us. It is not so much that we are working for God, but that He is working through us...
The Ark Of Salvation
In the same way, believers in Jesus Christ are in a special relationship with God. They, like Noah, have entered the ark of God's covenant and are delivered from all judgement and wrath...
No Longer Under A Schoolmaster
Many believers read the Old Testament and do not realize that its sole purpose is to condemn and bring individuals to a saving knowledge of the grace of Jesus Christ...
Our Security In Christ
When a person comes to Jesus Christ for new life and forgiveness of sins, how secure is his or her new position as a son or daughter of God?

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