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About Us was born out of a sincere desire to share the good news of God's word and the love of Jesus Christ. It is our hope that through these greeting cards, e-cards, e-devotionals, the Precious e-story, etc. you will be encouraged, uplifted and strengthened in the great love that God has for you, and that those who receive these creations will also be encouraged in His great message of salvation.

My wife Lois, and I (Richard) started back in 1998. I started drawing those big nose characters called Christoons when I was very young. In 1986, when going through a difficult time, I started combining them with scripture. I found that illustrating the word of God in this way gave great comfort and understanding through the Holy Spirit. Since then I added the 3d'Mentionables, & Sonshines to the colorful collection of illustrations of God's lovingkindness. The characters may also be found on our e-devotional pages, which I have written to uplift the body of Christ. Being a pastor, I know how important it is to get God's word into your heart, mind and life...I pray that they will be found to be a blessing to you.

Lois, my wife, is an extremely sweet person and helps in more ways than could possibly be written in thousands of web pages. But of special note concerning this site, she is the writer of the verses in our greeting card line. Her heartfelt desire is for others to know Jesus the Saviour. Her verses, her poetry, and mostly her life, reflect her love and gratitude to God.

Precious Meets the King, was written by my wife Kristine who went home early to be with the Lord in 1992 (shorly before our third anniversary.) Her heart is seen in the writing of every page. Her dedication on the final page was written by Lois... "now she's face to face with the King of Glory."

We also have a ministry of music - it's very mellow, acoustic and soothing...especially when you consider that I was formally in a punk rock band in the 1980's. You can listen to our CD "Such A Friend - Songs for restoring the soul" on this site, which consists of nine of our original songs, full of the Lord's great love for His people. Of special note is "I Rejoice over You" which Lois wrote around the verses of Zephaniah 3:17. And "Apple of My Eye", which the Lord gave me concerning the great providence and care He has over our lives.

We hope, if nothing else, that this site encouraged you. May you find peace in all that God has and desires for your life, and may you be strengthened in His faith, hope and love.

"sending love around the world."

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